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Why Home Vaastu is Important ?

Home Vaastu, also known as Vastu Shastra, is an ancient Indian architectural science that emphasizes creating harmonious living spaces in alignment with natural and cosmic energies. It holds significant importance for several reasons.

Firstly, Home Vaastu aims to enhance the overall well-being and quality of life of the occupants. It suggests optimal placement of rooms, entrances, and key elements within the house to promote health, prosperity, and positive energy flow. This can lead to a more balanced and peaceful living environment.

Secondly, it is believed that adhering to Vaastu principles can improve one’s financial prospects and stability. Proper placement of important elements like the kitchen, bedroom, and study area can positively influence career growth and financial success.

Moreover, Home Vaastu emphasizes the importance of nature and its elements. It encourages the incorporation of natural light, ventilation, and greenery, which can contribute to a healthier and more pleasant living experience.

Gold Plan

Vastu Consultation Plan
2 Site Visits
  • Detailed Vastu Report
  • Vastu Remedies Consultation

Platinum Plan

Vastu Consultation Plan
4 Site Visits
  • Detailed Vastu Report
  • Vastu Remedies Consultation

Diamond Plan

Vastu Consultation Plan
6 Site Visits
  • Detailed Vastu Report
  • Vastu Remedies Consultation

Timings Of the Site Visits?

1st Site Visit – Scanning And Measuring Vastu Energies On The Basis of Equipements And Astro Vastu Horoscope.
2nd Visit – Presentation Of Detailed Astro Vastu Report.
3rd Visit – At The time Of Project Start For Administration Of Remedies.
4th Visit – At The Time of Slabs.
5th Visit – At The time of Sanitary and Lights Fittings.
6th Visit – At The Time Of Colour And Shades.

How to book appointment

Talk to Astro-Vastu consultant and book Appointment. Once the prices are negotiated and decided for a particular site visit according to its size,location and distance. Deposit half of the amount before site visit by Gpay Phone pay 7006863020 or Bank transfer and Share receipt on WhatsApp and pay Another half of the amount when Vastu consultant reaches your site.

Why to book extra site Visit?

Extra site Visits are needed for
1. Re-evaluations of issues.
2. checking energies after healing and building process.
3. For diffusing doubts.
4. For scanning positions and zones.

5. Extra Site Visit Is Needed When Vastu Consultant Visit Site for Administration Of Remedies.

Extra site Visits are priced according to locations, distance, Time. These are as under.

A. ₹11000 within 15 square kilometres
B. ₹21000 within district after 15 km.
C. For other districts price starts From ₹30000
D. for other states price starts from ₹1.20 lacs.
E. For foreign countries price starts₹4 lac.

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